Design your own
ChatGPT and AI course

Work with us to articulate your exact needs and leave it with us to deliver

What custom training can offer you

  • Team learning

    Boost your team’s ChatGPT and practical AI skills

  • Closely tailored to your needs

    Add and subtract whatever training content you like

  • Total flexibility

    Schedule a course that fits exactly to your diary

  • Privacy when it’s needed

    Confidential sessions with just your team in attendance

  • 1


    An initial stage of research and analysis of your business; and determination of the practical current applications of ChatGPT and AI.

  • 2

    Course Development

    Bespoke creation of ChatGPT and AI training materials to fit your learning requirements.

  • 3

    Course Delivery

    Live, online training delivery and dates and times that fit to your team’s schedule.

  • 4


    Participative learning and two-way dialogue throughout.

  • 5

    Ongoing Support

    We are available after completion of the training to support on any ChatGPT and AI-related topics.

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